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I love random humor. Strange, out there, wtf did you just say, kind of stuff. I think it’s because I have always found it very interesting to pay attention to my thoughts. I mean really sit there, and pay attention to the crazy things that float through your head when you aren’t paying attention. It’s difficult to do, but whenever I am able to tap into that subconscious river of words, I realize how isolated we all are. No one can ever truly know all the things we think, especially when we are usually unaware of these thoughts ourselves. So anytime I come across something random, I mean something so pure and arbitrary that it seems like it flowed right out of someone’s brain and onto a piece of paper without them even knowing, I can’t help but fall in love with it. And that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across David Shrigley’s line of cards at Omoi Zakka Shop.

Shrigley is a British visual artist, who is best known for his cartoons which can be found in books, postcard books or on the magnificent greeting cards shown above. He has also authored books and created albums, collaborating with the likes of David Byrne and Grizzly Bear, to name a couple.

So while I was browsing Omoi’s card section in search of a birthday card for my Uncle, I was immediately drawn to the crude imagery and bizarre text on Schrigley’s square cards. I had no idea what occasion they would be useful for, but they were so outlandishly freakish, I knew I had just stumbled upon greatness. I’ve already purchased a few to hand out to people, and I’m thinking about picking up some of my favorites just to frame. So if you are sick of sifting through the same old cards at the Hallmark stores, go visit Omoi and pick up one of Shrigley’s creations. And if you aren’t from Philly, check out his website or log onto Polite., the retail and wholesale provider of many of his works.

Omoi Zakka Shop - 1608 Pine St. - 215.545-0963

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