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This Spring, the Philadelphia Art Alliance will be hosting a few pop-up shops inside the Wetherill Room which is located right off of their lobby. Currently occupying the space is the Rittenhouse Fair and Square. It’s an awesome little shop filled with really great, really affordable items. It is sure to attract a younger crowd but there are plenty of items for all ages. The other day, I purchased an amazing bottle-opener-keychain with a diagram of the anatomy of a cheeseburger on it, created by Girls Can Tell. It’s awesome. They are also selling stationary, bags and hair accessories to name a few. One of the businesses represented, Miss Millie, has created small porcelain pill boxes, mugs and soap dishes that are so romantic and dainty, they practically force you to redecorate your bathroom with flowers and lace to accommodate their presence. Even the room decoration is worth checking out. Its whimsy mirrors the wares, and the springtime, perfectly. It is a fun little shop and will only be opened for another week, so be sure to stop by!

The Philadelphia Art Alliance - 251 South 18th St.Miss Millie

Fair and Square - Tuesday-Sunday 11-5

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