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We may be young, but we're on our way to aged perfection.

In the ever flowing good news that surrounds Federal Donuts, the now infamous donut/chicken store has just teamed up with local company, Art in the Ages, to bring you three new enticing flavors that will only be with us between April 20th to the 28th. If you’ve never heard of Art in the Ages, you should definitely get to know them. They are behind the creation of three all organic liquors, Root (root beer), Snap (gingersnap) and Rhuby (rhubarb). These three spirits are like nothing you would imagine them to be nor like anything you have ever tasted before. They are perfectly spiced, enlisting the help of historic techniques and Pennsylvania’s indigenous ingredients to create flavors that are refreshing in both originality and taste. They are nothing like sweet liquors, as they more so resemble a spiced whiskey or rum. Now pair them up with the genius of Federal Donuts and I’m pretty sure my head will explode. Introducing the “root beer float” (vanilla ice cream icing) “gingersnap cookie,” (ginger glaze and snap cookie crumb) and “strawberry rhubarb pie,” (rhubarb-glazed with pie-crust crumble). Now the only problem is going to be getting there before they all sell-out. Which kinda makes me wonder, why am I telling you guys about this??

(the liquor simply acts as inspiration for the donuts; no alcohol is used)

Federal Donuts -1219 South 2nd St.

Art in the Ages - 116 North 3rd St.

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