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Oh Yarnbombing; that crafty phenomenon that seems to have descended upon Philadelphia like a contagious disease, infecting the unaware; those sitting ducks, who seemingly had no chance. Yet contrary to its usual implication, this may be the first illness that is advantageous to contract. So far, yarnbombing has only affected objects, and in doing so, has been brightening our city, one misplaced sweater at a time. 

At the center of the epidemic is Philadelphia artist Jessie Hemmons, AKA Ishknits. She, along with her cohorts, have embarked on a citywide operation in attempts to open a new discussion on gender and street art. By using knitting, a conventionally domesticated, matronly tradition, she hopes to bring a new feminine dimension to the historically male dominated art field that is graffiti. 

As the Fiber Philly biennial marches on, it is only fitting that yarnbombing, the original in fiber craft, be highlighted. Enter Yarnbombombing 101. Opening back on March 12th and running through May 11th, the Art Gallery at City Hall (City Hall hours are 10-4 pm) will be featuring Ishknits and Conrad Benner’s (Philly Street Photographer and Phrequency contributer) collaboration. Together, they will explain to you just what yarnbombing is, and why it is a relevant art movement. 

Also in yarnbombing news, the Philadelphia Art Alliance will be featuring a demonstration (5pm) and lecture (7pm) with Ishknits on Thursday, April 5th. The event is FREE and will definitely be something to check out, as Jessie intends to yarnbomb the front of the Art Alliance! Now consider yourself informed. Go out, and enjoy those tree cozies and bike blankets. It all makes sense now! 

Philadelphia Art Alliance -251 South 18th St.

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